Volunteers are extra-special people! They are people who work from the heart, giving of their time, energy, and talents to help make the world a better place.

At Pet Network, volunteers are crucial to the success of our organization and we could not accomplish our mission without them! Our volunteers range from students to seniors, and they bring a wide variety of talents and skills to their tasks.

If you are completing Community Service Hours, do not fill out volunteer form below, please contact volunteer coordinator Rita Warren directly:rwarren@petnetwork.org 775-832-4404 ext. 102 

STEP 1. To sign up as a volunteer at Pet Network Humane Society please click HERE

STEP 2. New Volunteer Orientations: Please contact Volunteer Coordinator, Rita Warren, to schedule your orientation after you submit your application. Volunteer Coordinator: Rita Warren rwarren@petnetwork.org 775-832-4404 ext. 102 

Volunteer Opportunities:

Dog/Cat Socilalization Dog WalkingFoster Care

Dog/Cat Grooming

Second Chance Thrift Boutique


Professional Services

Clicker Training Relaxation TimeCat Walking


Our volunteers make a life-saving difference to homeless cats and dogs. If you have any questions or concerns after filling out the application please contact Volunteer Coordinator Rita Warren at (775) 832-4404 ext. 102 or rwarren@petnetwork.org.

If you are a Junior Volunteer, 16-17 years of age, you must bring a signed copy of the Junior Volunteer agreement (attached below) with you to your orientation.

INFORMATION FOR NEW VOLUNTEERS: All volunteers will be required to attend a New Volunteer Orientation prior to their first day of volunteering. A one-time $20 fee is required for all new volunteers. The fee will cover the costs of a volunteer t-shirt and name tag.  All volunteers are required to wear their volunteer t-shirt while at Pet Network and at off-site adoption events. The fee can be paid after completion of your orientation.

Adult and Junior Volunteers: We will now have three tiers of volunteers: Adult Volunteers (age 18+), Junior Volunteers (ages 16-17), and Team Volunteers (ages 10-15 with adult guardian). Adult volunteers may participate in any area they wish as long as they have completed the proper training. Junior volunteers may participate in any area except Second Chance Thrift Boutique and dog walking. Team Volunteers consist of a volunteer between the ages of 10-15 along with an adult guardian. Team volunteers can participate in any area. Animal lovers under the age of 10 are welcome in the shelter anytime with their guardians to socialize with cats, kittens and sometimes puppies (depending on age of the puppy).