Humane Education

Pet Network Humane Society partners with local schools to provide educational resources to grades K-8.

Our Program includes:Pre-K Bite Prevention

  • Bite Prevention
  • Dog Training
  • The Importance of Sterilization

Bite Prevention
Every year it is estimated that 4 to 5 million people are bit by dogs. Of these bites some are nips, others are major attacks, and over half the bites occur on children. By educating children on how to behave around dogs, many of these attacks can be prevented. This class will focus on recognizing a dog’s body language, warning signs to look for, how to safely approach a dog and how to properly pet a dog.  Additionally, children will learn how to respond if attacked and what they can do to help reduce the severity of the attack.

Dog Training
The majority of owners who are unhappy with their pets’ behavior have not taken sufficient training measures. Untrained dogs often enter into the world of unwanted or abused dogs living either on the streets, in overcrowded shelters, or cast outside on a chain. This class will focus on how to effectively train a dog to sit, stay, walk on a leash and potty training.

The Importance of Sterilization
Students will learn the rate at which the pet population gets out of hand. They will understand limiting factors which help keep the pet population within limits. Students will interact with one another and discover the pressures of limited resources. Students will also learn the difference between natural and human means to control pet population.

For more information about our Humane Education program or to schedule a visit to your classroom or camp, please contact Jason Stipp 775-832-4404 ext. 114.