Foster Care

Thank you for your interest in our foster parent program. We at Pet Network greatly appreciate the tender love and care fosters give to our animals. Animals that have returned from their foster homes tend to show a much greater improvement in their health and in their disposition than those that are rehabilitated in our facility, so thank you for your help!

Who are typical foster pets?

1)    Underage puppies and/or kittens that have been weaned from their mothers, or have been orphaned due to extenuating circumstances.

2)    Adult cats and/or kittens that suffer from an upper respiratory infection or other illnesses.

3)    Mother cats and/or dogs and their young that are still nursing.

4)    Dogs and/or cats that have ringworm. (Very contagious to you and your pets)

5)    Dogs and/or puppies that have been severely abused and need personal TLC.

6)    Dogs and/or puppies that suffer from Demodex (mange) or other skin conditions.

7)    Adult dogs/ or cats that needs extra attention

As you know, some of the animals that you will be fostering may be in poor health or “underage” (under 8 weeks old). Pet Network will provide you with the supplies you need to help aid your foster animals. Generally, the fostered animals do exceptionally well with their medication during treatment at their fostered homes; unfortunately there are some exceptions.  If you feel that your foster pet(s) are declining in health please call us immediately at 775-832-4404.

Generally the animals that we house in our facility have been rescued from the Washoe, Fallon, or Lyon County Animal Services. We ask that you consult your veterinarian or even your primary care physician before bringing a rescue animal into your home if you have any questions regarding the risk to either your current pets or family.

We will advise you of any illness your foster pet(s) are known to have.  It is important to remember some illnesses may not show symptoms for weeks. You must remain vigilant to recognize changes in your foster pet(s).  Proper isolation and sanitation is critical to limiting your present pet’s and/or family’s exposure to illness.

If you are interested in joining our amazing team of foster parents, please call 775-832-4404 or email