Adoption Process


 We can’t wait to help you find the perfect best friend for your family. Follow these steps to get started:


Pet Network embraces and uplifts the Adopters Welcome philosophy. We celebrate any and all adopters wanting to make a life-long commitment to a new pet. Adopters Welcome was instituted to combat discrimination and out-dated requirements for adoption. We believe in a conversation-based approach, as well as lowering common barriers to adoption such as housing and economic status. 

Our staff is highly proficient in what Adopters Welcome means to our shelter and the ripple effect it has on our community. If you are interested in adopting a Pet Network animal, please reach out to

You can also find more information on the Adopters Welcome movement here.

 If an animal is currently in foster, please contact the shelter at 775-832-4404 to schedule a meet and greet!

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If you fall in love, click on the animal’s individual profile. To start your adoption questionnaire, select the ‘ADOPT ME’ button, and complete the online registration form. Once your questionnaire has been submitted, a Pet Network adoption specialist will reach out to discuss next steps. Feel free to contact us with any questions: (775) 832-4404 ext. 100 or email  

*Adoption questionnaire are processed by order received. 

Every animal adopted from Pet Network Humane Society is:

  • Spayed or Neutered

  • Vaccinated, appropriate to age

  • Microchipped (and registered at the time of adoption)

  • Eligible for a yearly discount on pet insurance, or 30 days of pet insurance depending on  location

 Adoption Fees* 

  • Puppies (Under 6 Months): starting at $200

  • Dogs (6 Months - 6 years): starting at $100 

  • Senior Dogs (7 Years +): starting at $50 


  • Kittens (Under 6 months): starting at $100 

  • Cat (6 months - 6 Years): starting at $75 

  • Senior Cats (7 Years +): NO adoption fee! (adoption process still applies) 


*Some animals may have variable adoption fees to help support their fellow shelter animals.